Sydney becomes one of the great places to go for enjoying the fun yet beautiful vacations. There are lots of places to go as well. Various wonderful tourist attractions there become one of the factors which often makes people are visiting Sydney, Australia. In the other hand, it is such the beautiful, big, and old city in Australia. The beauty of this city is also caused by its location which is amid the attractive intermingling of sea and also land. That is one of the points of the beauty of Sidney which attract lots of tourists to come in and get the great experience in Sidney. In addition, the history of the city is also the interesting one. The visitors will be able to enjoy lots of historic places including some museums and rock paintings of the aboriginal people. Sure, lots of fascinating yet wonderful places are ready to explore with lots of fun and excitement. We are able to enjoy surfing the green barrel breaks which are located at the golden beach of Sydney, or you can also enjoy climbing its harbour bridge, or even flying over this city. There are some other things which may be able to enjoy in Sydney since it becomes one of the tourism destinations to go in Australia. If you are planning to go visiting Sydney and plans to visit lots of tourism attractions there, surely you need to be sure in arranging the itinerary. It is a good idea to list the places to go when you are there. It means, that is much better to know well about where to go first. Here are some recommendations of the best tourism attractions in Sydney which need to be on your list to go. They are also the top rated ones in which the visitors could not miss a thing.

Recommended Tourism Attractions the Most in Sydney

Here are some recommendations of the tourism attractions in Sydney which you can enjoy. Make sure you are visiting some of these places or if possible go visiting any of them for the great experience in Sydney.

·         Sydney’s Great Icon – Sydney Opera House

This is actually not only the icon of Sydney, but also this is stated as one of the places of the UNESCO-World Heritage Site. Surely, most of us have been familiar with this building which is really graceful. This is situated in Bennelong Point. You can go enjoying the time to get relaxed at the cafes or restaurants, snapping some photos, and so on.

·         Sydney – Harbour Bridge

This is another great place to go when in Sydney. It is also the landmark of the city which is best known. The bridge is connecting the harbour’s south and north shores. The visitors can enjoy strolling across or even enjoying the fascinating view there.

·         The Rocks

This is one of the historic areas in Sydney you need to visit. This was the place of the home for Gadial Aboriginal people. Now, you will find lots of heritage buildings and sites along the streets. That is including Cadman Cottage. Visiting “Rocks Discovery Museum” is also a must.

·         Circular Quay

Located at Sydney Cove, this place becomes the centre of ferry terminal. You can find ferries which will go to the various great spots as like Taronga-Zoo, Manly, and even Watson’s Bay. The visitors may also get the chance to enjoy the whale watching cruises, especially if you o there during the time of annual winter migrations.

·         Darling Harbour

This is the next place to go when in Sydney where you will find lots of interesting entertainment venues, museums, restaurants, stores, exhibitions, and so on. Wild Life Sydney Zoo, Madame Tussaud’s, and the well known Sea Life – Sydney Aquarium become some of the best places to visit.

·         Queen Victoria Building

This is the great building which is really beautiful and really unique. This is also the place where you can enjoy shopping in Sydney, since you will find not less than 200 shops which are in the category of high end ones. Even though you do not want to go shopping, you can still have a stroll enjoying its beauty.

·         Sydney Tower

This 309m tower is stated as the highest building in Sydney. This is also another popular landmark of this city. You can go up to the top from the Centrepoint mall. You can enjoy the amazing panoramic view or even enjoying the great meal time experience at the café or restaurants there. 

·         Sydney Beaches

The wonderful beaches also become the factor which attracts the people to visit Sydney. The beaches are located adjacent so that in one time, you can visit some beaches, as like Cronulla, Bondi, Coogee, and so on. You need to be sure about which beaches which you want to visit for saving much of your time and plan your activities there. If you love to swim, you need to notice about the yellow and red flags there.

·         George Street

This is another fascinating place to go in Sydney, in which it is the oldest street there. It was the street for the convicts to get the water supply and in today’s life that becomes the great street which is really busy with its beautiful building with its unique antique architectures. With its elegant look of the glass window, graceful dome, and so on, you will get amazed by its beauty. In addition, for you who love to shop, there are also plenty of the high end stores there, including the boutique of the designer.

·         Royal Botanic Gardens

This is the place for you who are looking for the tranquil ambiance in this busy city. The beautiful gardens can help you refreshing the mind. You will find beautiful roses, and even the garden with the threatened and rare plants there. Strolling around this beautiful area can be the fun thing and then you can enjoy the good drinks and foods at the restaurants or café there. You also can have the fun hillside picnic.

·         Kings Cross

This is also often called as The Cross by the local people. This is located at about 2000 metres from CBD. During the day, you will be able enjoying lots of the good foods from such various hippie cafes and restaurants. This place offers the great experience in Sidney. You will also be able finding lots of budget hotels there which are often chosen by the backpacker.

·         Taronga Zoo

This is the great zoo in Sydney which is located on Bradleys Head Road. There, you will be able seeing the exotic wildlife closely. This will be the great experience since you will also enjoy the beautiful place there. You can also enjoy the highlights which include the Koala Encounter, Lemur Adventure Park, and also the Seal Show there which become the favourite ones. There are also some various lively events which are conducted there.

·         Hyde Park

This is the good place with the fig trees, beautiful flowers, and even fountains which are also great as the picnic spots. This is also a great place to enjoy the fresh air. This is also the historic place which you can also enjoy including Australian Museum which is worth to visit. This is located at the Elizabeth Street.

·         Art Gallery of New South Wales

This is the art museum which is most distinguished in the country. Lots of the art collections which are really beautiful can be seen there. That is including the collections related to the aboriginal art. There are lots of masterpieces which make you feel amazed. After enjoying all of them, you can take a seat and get relaxed at the restaurant or café there. You can also walk around the gift shop there. 

·         St Mary’s Cathedral

This cathedral is located on St, Mary’s road and becomes the spiritual symbol for the Catholic Church in this country. This has the neo gothic style which looks really beautiful. This cathedral has the beautiful architecture, both the façade and the interior. The decorations and lights of the cathedral are also really fascinating yet warm.

·         Macquarie Street

This street becomes the street which is fashionable the most in this country. You will find lots of places there, including the State Library which is stated as the oldest one in this country. Surely, you will also find lots of good places to relax as like café and restaurants. Sure, having a great time with the Sydney ambiance can be felt here.

·         China Town

The ambiance of the wonderful China in Sydney can be found here. This is located on Dixon Street. There are lots of Chinese culinary which are full of spices and of course yummy. You are also able to find lots of traditional stuff and items of Chinese. There is also the Friday night – market which is the great feast to enjoy. There you can enjoy lots of great things including dim sum and many more. You may also be able to reach the Paddy’s Market which is near this place, where you can find lots of souvenirs, fashion items, and many more which can be bargained.

Stay at the Place with the Good View in Sydney

Having the fun vacation means you need to know well about the destination to go. It is including if you are going to visit Sydney, Australia where there are lots of great tourism attacks there. You may also need to also deal with the transportation and also accommodations there. If it is going to be your first experience visiting Sydney, you may need much more info about this city. If you are looking for the place to stay where you can easily reach lots of destinations easily which also offers the good views, perhaps you may be able to consider the area of The Rocks. That is the historic district for this city where you can easily reach lots of the tourist attractions easily even to reach it on foot. Some of them are the Royal botanic garden, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and even the opera house. All of them can be easily reached easily by walking. There are lots of hotels which you can also find. For the luxury hotels, there are lots of references as like Shangri La, Park Hyatt, and also Four Seasons. Any of them are wonderful with the fascinating view of the harbour. However, for you who are looking for the mid range hotel, some of the recommendations are Quay West Suites, Harbour Rocks, and so on. If you want to spend only a little for the accommodation, there are some budget hotels which you can choose, as like “The Mercantile Hotel”, The “Australian Heritage Hotel”, and many more. You can choose them by considering your need and also your budgets.   

Some Tips to Enjoy Sydney the Most

If it is going to be your first time visiting this city, of course you may need to tips on how to enjoy this place. One of the ideas which is really simple for them who do not know well about this city and for the first timer, taking such a day – trip will be a good idea. You can also enjoy the tour which enables you to enjoy this city very well. You would not need to get worried as well since you will enjoy the trip with the group. You can choose the small group which can be much better. Another good recommendation is enjoying the ‘Sydney Whale Watching Cruise’. That is one of the great ideas to see such these giant animal in their original place. This is also a good idea to give you the chance seeing the Sydney Harbour view from the extraordinary place, which is the water. Taking the bus tour is another good point to explore this city properly. Of course it is a good point which you can enjoy when you are in Sydney. There are actually lots of things you can explore in Sydney but sometimes the limitations, as like limited time or even limited budget becomes the factors which may you feel worried.

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